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Membrane Tensegrity Structure

Membrane Tensegrity Structure

LOCATION:Drawing Room, The University of Tokyo
DESIGN: Yuta Shimoda, Sei Hayashi(HUNE Architects),
Hiroki Awaji, Taichi Nakamura, Haruto Kamijo, Tomoyuki Gondo
DESIGN PERIOD:2022.4. - 2023.3
STATUS:Research Project


This is a collaborative research project at the University of Tokyo between Tomoyuki Gondo Laboratory and Jun Sato Laboratory. (HUNE co-founder Hayashi, is a part of Tomoyuki Gondo Laboratory). This project is based on an idea by Yuta Shimoda, first prize winner of the 15th Colloquium "Structural Morphology Analysis and Creation Contest" in 2020. Shimoda discovered that the compressible and tensile material-pattern in tensegrity structure resembles the origami pattern when folding polyhedra. Based on this idea, the design team transformed the free-form surface into an origami pattern to realize a free-form pavilion 3.0 m wide, 8 .0 m long, and 2.4 m high by folding a single piece of cloth.

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